Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter – Black
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Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter – Black



Xiaomi Mi 1S Black

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Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter – Black

The Xiaomi M365 has been upgraded to the 1S and is due to hit the UK streets in September 2020. The world’s most popular award winning e-scooter has an improved multi-functional LED display with speed, battery, distance and driving mode included. The Xiaomi 1S also comes with new safety features including front, rear and side reflectors to help you been seen whilst riding. Now fitted with a number plate holder and new improved skid resistant, shock-absorbing pneumatic tyres for a ultra smooth ride.

The biggest change to the 1S scooter is that it’s made out of aircraft grade aluminium alloy and weighs in at just 12.5kg. The Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter may look the same with it’s sleek minimalist design but it has many new features to boast. The battery has been upgraded to include a smart battery management system (BMS) and a kinetic energy recovery system will help you go the extra mile. In order to extend battery life, the scooter converts and stores kinetic energy during acceleration and regenerative braking. It captures this energy which is normally wasted and converts it back into electricity and feeds that back into the battery. Clever stuff!

The Xiaomi 1S can travel up to 18 miles on a single charge and can reach speeds up to 15mph. This is acheived using a bank of 40×18650 Lithium Ion battery cells giving 7650mAh of energy driving a powefull 250W brushless DC motor. 

Pair your Xiaomi 1S to your phone via Bluetooth and connect to the Mi Hope App to check your ride statistics on your smart phone.

Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter – Features
Maximum speed 15.5mph
Maximum range in optimum conditions 18 Miles / 30km
Dual braking system – Automatic electronic regenerative brakes with E-ABS and rear disc brake
Skid resistant and shock absorbing 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres
Sophisticated cruise control system
Upgraded LED display with speed, battery level, distance and driving mode
Three speed modes – Speed, Normal and Walk
Brand new front, rear & side reflectors and a licence plate holder for added safety
Front & rear lights
Brake lights
Smart phone enabled – connect via Bluetooth to the Mi Home App

Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter – Specifications

Weight – 12.5kg

Power – 250W DC Motor

Battery – 36v 7650mAh 275Wh 18650 Lithium Ion

Tyres – 8.5″ Pneumatic (Air Filled)

IP Rating – IP45

Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements, or cycle paths. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission.

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